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2016 Brut MILLESIMATO Taliano Giuseppe, nice to meet you - Montaribaldi - Azienda agricola in Barbaresco

2016 Brut MILLESIMATO Taliano Giuseppe, nice to meet you

Finally here we are!
We proudly present our new Brut Millesimato 2016 Taliano Giuseppe

The guideline which led us during the restyling has been to not distort neither the wine's identity, nor our company image. We thus did our best to harmonize the new elements, always keeping close to our and our wines' identity. 

And now, about the wine. 

The vintage

The climatic trend in 2016 -mild winter, fresh and rainy spring, hot summer- gave us, in spite of the spring rain, regular production yields. 

The warm summer, along with a quite fresh spring, delayed the beginning of the ripening and the climate, with a mild and warm autumn, was particularly favorable for the growers, giving them slow and optimal ripening

The organoleptic profile
Our sparkling has a light straw yellow color, with intense floral and green-apple nose. The taste has good acidity, elegance and peristence

Its features

The Brut Millesimato Taliano Giuseppe 2016 has been made totally with Chardonnay (70%) and Pinot Noir (30%) from 2016 vintage. We kept the same blend to enhance the identity of the vineyard as well as that of the vintage.

E ora a voi, non rimane che assaggiarlo!

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