The winery

The Azienda Agricola MONTARIBALDI is a family company, located in the heart of  the Langhe hills, in the cozy town of Barbaresco.
Our winery makes some of the most famous and prestigious wines from Piedmont region: Barbaresco DOCG, Barolo DOCG, Barbera d’Alba DOC, Barbera d’Asti DOCG, Roero Arneis, are only few examples.
However, what deeply distinguishes our winery from others is not only the complete wine portfolio very typical of our terroir, nor the enviable location, nor the passion which with we have been working in our vineyards for three generations.
What distinguishes us, first and foremost, is our company philosophy.
What makes us making VINEYARD WINES.

Vineyard WinesMaking VINEYARD WINES means making wines which:

Deeply represent their origins
Each wine must clearly remind its terroir, both in terms of grape variety (our portfolio is almost totally made up of indigenous grape varieties), and in terms of their organoleptic profile.

Deeply represent us
Every time someone taste a Montaribaldi wine he/she has to immediately perceive the unique style, the passion with which it has been made, and the constant quality over the years.

Are eco-sustainable
The environment which surrounds us is, for us, a priceless treasure. Of course, from the ethical point of view, but also from the economic one: without the Langhe, Roero and Asti soils and species which populate these areas, it would have been impossible for us to make such unique wines. This is the reason why we are always very attentive to the sustainability of our production and to the environmental protection.

Deeply represent their vineyards
We are committed to producing each of our wines with grapes coming from one or more dedicated vineyards. This means that when you taste one of our wines, it recalls neither only Piedmont nor only the production area (Barbaresco, Barolo, etc.), but it clearly identifies  that single and particular vineyard it comes from. Consider that if the organoleptic profile of the wine in the glass is fascinating and satisfying, that is firstly thanks to the vineyard itself and to the way the producer has been working in it.

However, depending on the conditions and the characteristics of each harvest, the production destination of the picked grapes may vary slightly depending on the vintage, so that the wines are always and only the best possible expression of the daily work we do in our vineyards throughout the year.

To get more info and to practically see how we make VINEYARD WINES, click here.