Our philosophy

Are MONTARIBALDI wines organic, bio-dynamic, natural?No, they are only and simply VINEYARD WINES
Our goals are:
> Top quality
> Eco-sustainability

Top Quality #1 – Keeping production yields under control
reducing quantity helping quality. The decrease of the quantity of the grapes produced enhances the general increase of the organoleptic features of the wines.
How > reducing the quantity of the produced grapes, without thinning out the grapes bunches.
#2 – Ripening process
a good wine can be made only with perfectly ripe grapes. This is because the right ripening point allows us to enhance the organoleptic feature of the wines.
How > waiting the perfect moment for harvest, taking total care of the vineyards.
#3 – Respectful vinification
the wine is not spoiled by strong stabilizations or massive use of sulphites. This allows us to maintain the highest expression of the cultivar and of the vineyard the wine comes from.
How > light filtrations and light tartaric stabilization (taking advantage of the wintriness), and rationalization of the use of sulphites.

Eco-sustainability#1 – Integrated production
grapes are grown reducing as far as possible the environmental impact.
How > implementing the Regulations on Integrated Production of the Piedmont Region
#2 – Biodiversity
helping and protecting the diversity of the agro-ecosystem in the vineyards to avoid the negative outcomes typical of the intensive agriculture
How > enlarging the border spaces (hedges, uncultivated borders, natural permanent grassing
#3 – Constant control of the vineyards
analyzing what happens in the vineyards in order to carry out targeted actions in terms of plants, soil and diseases management.
How > monitoring the health of the plants, the situation of the pests by means of traps, preventing the outburst of diseases with forecasting models.
#4 – Sustainable Energy
Using energy made from renewable sources.
How > 2/3 of our total energetic business need for heating come from a biomass heater. Furthermore, most part of our energetic needs comes from renewable sources.

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