Our support to territory

The Idea1994-2014: MONTARIBALDI turns Twenty
Instead of spending money in expensive parties, we decided to commemorate this important moment committing ourselves to helping who need it most.

Since 1994, when Luciano and Roberto, have taken the business over from their parents, they have always been inspired by their land. Their ultimate goal has always been that to produce wines which reflect their business idea as well as their terroir. The same terroir which helped them to penetrate both the National and foreign markets.
Now they do want to continue to promote it by both producing high-quality wines, which contribute to spread its image all around the world, and patronizing such activities.

The projectPatronization of the setting up of the STANZA DEL SOLLIEVO (RELIEF ROOM)
Located in the gym of the psychological rehabilitative commiunity “GIANBURRASCA” Scagnello, CN, Italy

The Stanza del Sollievo (Relief Room)The minors’ psycho-rehabilitative communities formulate many requirements linked to more and more severe cases. Most of the times such minors are affected by serious deseases or behavioural disorders. The psycho- rehabilitative communities, along with hospitals (which in any case, because of their structural features and the other patients’ needs, face many difficulties in helping them), are the only organizations in Italy which may help minors with neuropsychiatric and behavioral problems.

The goal of the project is that to give an adequate response to the patient’s needs. This may be achieved by potentiating the educational and psycho-rehabilitative interventions to get the most effective results. Especially considering the children’s reintegration in the “normal” environment once he/she reaches the age of majority.
To set up in the community a relief room means coating the walls with a thick layer of foam rubber and to furnish it with materials suitable to the multisensory stimulation and the expression of emotions (soft objects, cones and rollers made of soft plastic, small ball pool, carpets, etc....).

This area will be used by the psychotherapist and professional educators to carry out customized multisensory stimulations. This room will be also aimed to become a protected, reassuring and silent environment from the emotional point of view, as well as a refuge for moments of acute crisis. This will help to free their aggressivity in the less dangerous way.
Having such space will help in handling the aggressivity and, consequently, to improve the work of the local school, which the patients normally attend with many difficulties.